Mauk DNA Project

The goals of the Mauk DNA Project are to identify descendants and ancestors of Jacob Mauk (1792-1866) and Susannah Walter(s) (1798-1854) of Bedford and Jefferson Counties, Pennsylvania using genetic genealogy.
The Mauk DNA Project maintains a list of descendants of Jacob & Susannah at Jacob & Susannah Walters Mauk Family.  This is a Tribal Pages website that is public though names and information about living people is password protected.  Passwords are available to descendants of Jacob & Susannah.  There is also a Mauk DNA Project family tree on (must have an account to view); Jacob’s WikiTree ID is Mauk-137; his Family Search ID is LL32-RZ9 and he has a profile on
The Mauk DNA Project also maintains a list of Jacob & Susannah’s descendants who have submitted DNA samples to one of the major consumer DNA testing companies (AncestryDNA, Family Tree DNA, My Heritage and 23andMe) as well as those who have uploaded their DNA raw data to GEDmatch.  Most of the project’s work is done at GEDmatch since that is the only website that allows autosomal DNA results from different companies to be compared and provides matching segment data.
Descendants of Jacob & Susannah may join the Mauk DNA Project by submitting their DNA sample to one of the above companies, upload their results to GEDmatch and join FTDNA’s Jefferson County, PA group project.  Financial assistance for the cost of a DNA test may be available from the project.

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